Roscoe’s still pays actual CASH for junk cars and shows up on time in Richmond.

In a market flooded with “instant offers” and junk car buyers from out of state, Roscoe’s still buys junk cars the “old” way.

When you call Roscoe’s Junk Cars in Richmond, you will speak to someone who lives in Richmond, Chesterfield, or Goochland. When the buyer comes to pick up your car, it will be a familiar face from a local Chesterfield-based towing company. They will buy your car with actual cash, not a check.

The local impact of selling your car to Roscoe’s does not end when the tow truck leaves with your car on the back. We partner exclusively with scrap metal recyclers, junkyards that dismantle cars for parts, and auctions based in you guessed it, Central Virginia.

Does this mean Roscoe’s will always pay the most for junk cars? We make every effort possible to maximize what we can pay for junk cars, we won’t ever claim to pay the most for every car in every situation. We will however be able to offer the friendlist service. Work only with tow truck drivers that show up on time. We will also ofcourse continue to pay cash for cars trucks and vans in Richmond VA.

Roscoe’s Junk Cars is a local family-operated business based right here in Richmond VA. We are licensed by DMV as a bonified salvage dealer and maintain an A+ rating with the Richmond office of the BBB. When you are ready to turn an eyesore into income, remember Roscoe’s Junk Cars.