Catalytic Converters

We get a lot of questions about catalytic converters, specifically about catalytic converter theft and if we buy catalytic converters. The short answer? No. Well, unless sits still attached to a vehicle. We generally only deal in complete vehicles, preferably ones that still have their catalytic converter installed. We don’t buy scrap converters or any other loose junk auto parts.

So, what is a catalytic converter, and why are they in demand? A catalytic converter is a component in your exhaust system that helps burn up harmful gasses in the exhaust. Catalytic converters are valuable, but not for the reason other used auto parts are in demand. A catalytic converter is valuable because of the minute amount of precious metals found inside them. The top one on the list that most folks know about is platinum. This metal needs no introduction. The other two are palladium and rhodium. These metals work together with heat to create an environment that burns up harmful hydrocarbons. Learn more about how catalytic converters work.

There are some steps you can take to protect your catalytic converter from theft. There are a number of products available designed to form a shield or guard around the catalytic converter. Another popular method is to paint them. While this does not make it harder to remove them, it does make it harder to sell the stolen catalytic converter to a recycler. It also helps to etch the last few digits of your VIN into the catalytic converter to make it easier to prove a recovered stolen catalytic converter came from your vehicle. Without this, it is hard to prosecute thefts. Some local shops are offering a free service to paint your catalytic converter for free. One shop is Midas of Richmond, however, be sure to call ahead and make an appointment. Midas of Richmond Catalytic Converter Program.

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