Who Buys Junk Cars

Who buys junk cars? Roscoe's rollback wrecker loaded with junk cars towing them away.

Who buys junk cars? Do your homework before you call Junk Car buyers in Richmond VA. Are you looking for people who buy junk cars in Richmond? After over a decade in business, we have seen it all. Junk Cars that have sat for any period of time are often filled with insects that attract…

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Crushing Junk Cars for Cash in Richmond VA

At Roscoe’s Junk Cars, it’s never boring. Anyone who has ever watched a car crusher run in will tell you that’s a pretty cool thing to see. Our team still wanted to find a way to step it up when it comes to smashing old cars down. One of the trucks in our fleet is…

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Catalytic Converters

grinch stealing a catalytic converter

We get a lot of questions about catalytic converters, specifically about catalytic converter theft and if we buy catalytic converters. The short answer? No. Well, unless sits still attached to a vehicle. We generally only deal in complete vehicles, preferably ones that still have their catalytic converter installed. We don’t buy scrap converters or any…

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How do I sell a junk car after the owner has died?

cash for dead cars on hearse

The sale of a junk vehicle after someone has died is possible but there are a number of steps that must be taken to do it LEGALLY in Virginia. The first thing that happens is you need to determine who the executor or administrator of the estate is. This has to be a legally assigned…

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