Junk Car Removal is all about having skilled drivers paired with the right equipment for the job. We have put years into figuring out the best way to tow away junk cars trucks and vans and have come a long way. We started with small trailers and dolleys to tow junk cars then moved up to wreckers and rollbacks. The most important thing we learned was that even though they were a bit faster to use the big heavy tow trucks and roll backs were NOT good for getting into back yards, across fields, and into tight spaces where junk car towing needs to occur. 

Heavy trucks could not safely drive over drainage pipes or septic drain fields to get to junk cars. Large roll back trucks could not fit thru small gates or around tight turns to get behind houses. Worse of all they both easily got stuck even on slightly wet grass. After some careful research we decided to try using 4x4 pickups paired with power hydraulic tilt deck trailers that load quickly and easily like a roll back but at a fraction of the overall size and weight. This junk car pick up system has allowed us to easily get back in those tight spaces, across fields and over delicate ground without causing damage. 

Who has the Right Equipment to Junk my Car? Roscoe's Does! We have Junk Car Removal down to a science.