Let Roscoe's help you turn that eyesore into income. We pay cash for junk cars and offer immediate junk car removal. We specialize in salvaging cars making your call and your appointment our priority. We buy junk cars. That's all we do!


-Roscoe's comes to you.
-We pay you in CASH exactly what was quoted on the phone.
-Our driver does the DMV paperwork with you on the spot.
-The unwanted vehicle is loaded up and hauled off immediately.


Some of our Favorite Junk Cars

    Ask anyone who has sold us a junk vehicle. They will tell you that our team truly loves buying junk cars. Most of us are automotive enthusiasts and we know  that one persons trash (junk cars) is another persons treasure (us). We get excited when we get called for antique or old rusty junk cars or trucks. Most if not just about all of the cool old stuff gets saved. Some are restored, some are hot-rodded and others end up in our own rust farm. Here are a few junking car highlights that have come thru over the years for your enjoyment!

   This old ford came to us as a Junk truck call from out in the sticks. It has been an old state truck that just moved trailers around a farm and sat in a barn most of its life. The wrecker body was on an old chevrolet 1 tow wrecker that had been used to haul junk cars; until the owners angry lady friend destroyed the truck with a bat (true story). We took the two and made one cool old truck. We used it for a few shows / fairs and later sold it to another enthusiast.


   This truck at one point was greatly loved, as it was a young mans daily driver thru his high school years. It lay unneeded for many years on his parents horse farm before finally calling us because we junk cars and trucks. It was decided that this rusty old truck needed more work then we were up to the task of fixing ourselves, but a regular customer who loved all things OLD and Chevrolet purchased this "junk truck" and has since restored it.


   This "junk van" came to us a number of years ago in sad mechanical shape. The story as it was told to us was that this was a father-son custom vehicle project that the son lost interest in. We purchased the old van after it had sat in the back yard for years decaying. With a little love, elbow grease and A LOT of parts we had it on the road again. Now its lettered up and accompanies us to trade shows and events.


   You will find that we have a serious soft spot for old junk tractors and scrap farm equipment. This sort of thing is rarely scrapped in favor of being sold / re homed somewhere in our rust farm. That hart wheat thresher has been with us for the better part of 5 years.


   Quite often we will get a call for an entire property filled with unwanted, old, rusty or wrecked junk cars, trucks or vans. Many of these from this specific location were saved, some are getting parted out as they are too far gone to be saved but others like those two Chevrolet Apache trucks were saved as complete vehicles.

This is our 2nd news van oddly enough they both formerly served channel 6. Not sure what we will do with this one but it is still in our collection of too good to crush junk cars trucks and vans. 

   The old Packard belonged to an employee of Marsh Oil some time ago. The car sat untouched for decades. The daughter of Marsh oil; who is also a  longtime friend of ours called us to junk the old car. We came out and removed it. We parked it at our location for a number of years. Several people looked into restoring the car but in the end it was found to not be worth trying to save as it was way to far gone structurally to repair and the plant that made the Packard parts had shut down. This one is with us now only in memory.


   This location is right around the corner from one of our storage lots. Sadly neither the signs or the clearly huge flooded area were enough of a deterrent to the driver of this now junk Acura. We don't put flood cars back on the road. This flooded junk car went to the crusher.


   This little Datsun 510 was never really considered a scrap car to us. It belonged to a friends father who drove it for many years before letting it sit for a number more. We purchased it, got it running well and sold it to another enthusiast.


   Every so often we have a customer that is particularly upset with a junk car or scrap vehicle. They are so upset with their vehicle that they will sell it to us at a discount or give it to us for free if we send back proof of the unwanted vehicles demise. This is  was one of those vehicles. We took it to the scrap metal yard and let the crane operator use this junk jeep to crush refrigerators.


   An employee of a local ATF field office came to us asking if we could provide them with a vehicle to test a few new types of ammunition on. This was the result. This *was* a running, driving car but now its clearly a junk car worth little more then auto scrap. It did however make an excellent Halloween decoration!


   This old Volkswagen was in a friends back yard for years, it was eventually sold to a loving new owner. The Ford Galaxie was a fellas first car and well-loved but allowed to sit for a number of years. It’s now at a shop in Buckingham ,Virginia getting restored.


   Hearses can carry more than deceased people. They are basically trucks and work WELL when equipped with a trailer hitch. This Oldsmobile hearse was used to haul loose scrap metal and wheels to the scrap yard regularly until we sold it to a happy new owner in PA.

We are all quite fond of this old tow truck we picked up with a number of antique junk cars. It never goes out on the road but its quite useful in our storage lots when we need to move older scrap cars around fast. 


We adore Junking Car yard art. Have an old scrap car in the yard? We love auto scrap! Give us a call and let us turn that eyesore into income. Junking a car is easy when you call Roscoe's. Call or fill out the form on our Sell your scrap vehicle page to get a quote now.